How Does This Work Get Started

Just a few easy steps and we’ll have you on the road to get the newest addition to your collection!

Step 1: Fill Out The Inquiry Sheet

Get Started

This quick questionnaire can be filled out online and will gather your contact information, verify your identity and let us know the new piece of iron that you have your eye on!


Step 2: We’ll Review Your Request

We’ll assess your needs and construct the best financing package for you that we can. We know that making the deal work is the only way we can bring value to you! We can be creative in our strategy.


Step 3: We’ll Contact You With Documents

We strive to make the process as easy and as quick as possible. Upon review of your inquiry sheet, you’ll be sent a copy of our financial documents to sign and return.


Step 4: Payment is Sent

Hook up your trailer and go get your new treasure! The entire process can take as little as one business day. Perfect for private transactions or auctions alike.