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What We Offer

Old Iron Bank is unique in a financing company because we specialize in providing funding for antique tractors, engines and early iron. We understand the market and know that sometimes, you only get one chance to buy a rare machine! We’re here to help make that possible. We provide financing for:
Why choose Us?

Early TractorsThe steel wheeled tractors, from small to prairie size before 1930

Classic Tractors

Classic TractorsThe rubber tired tractors that built American agriculture from 1930 to 1960

Muscle Tractors

Muscle TractorsThe “modern” antique tractors we grew up on from 1960 to 1980

Steam Engine Tractors

Steam EnginesThe first power on the farm that started mechanization


EnginesFrom slide valves to throttle governed, the engines that powered industry

Old Iron

Old IronHave something else interesting, if it’s Old Iron, we can help

The First Financier
To Understand Old Iron

In Rust We Trust


Old Iron Bank makes is easy to get funding for the next addition to your collection. No need to explain to us what it is or why you want it – we understand!